La Grande Bellezza tour

La Grande Bellezza (The Great Beauty) is a masterpiece movie by Italian director Paolo Sorrentino; winner of the Oscar, the film is set in Rome among the wonders of the most important monuments of the eternal City. Airport Rome Transfers offers you a special tour of Rome going to visit the main places of the film.
You will follow the steps of Jep Gamberdella, the protagonist of the movie, through the city of Rome: so we will guide you to the Acqua Paola Fountain, a wonderful fountain realized by the Baroque architect Giovanni Fontana and located on the Janiculum hill. Here is where the opening scene La Grande Bellezza was filmed.

Then we will drive you through places such via Veneto, an icon of the italian cinema because s the street where Fellini’s set his “La Dolce Vita”; Castel Sant’Angelo, the magnificent castle built in 125 A.C by the emperor Adriano and locatedo opposite to the Ponte Sant’Angelo; Janiculum hill, famous for the cannon under the Garibaldi’s statue that everyday, at 12 am, shoots blanks; Fontana di Trevi, maybe one of the most famous fountain of the world inaugurated in 1735: Colosseum, the world’s largest amphitheater built by emperor Vespasiano in 72 A.C, is an icon of Rome: Villa del Priorato di Malta on the Aventine Hill, a wonderful place from where you can see the “Cupola di San Pietro”.

All places, those and many others of Rome, famous all around the world and chosen by Sorrentino as the background of his film.

Reserve your tour La Grande Bellezza

The tour La Grande Bellezza brings you to the most beautiful places of Rome made even more famous by the Sorrentino’s movie.
The tour includes a 6 hours course with English speaking guide to be able to visit all the beautiful places in the movie. Reserve your La Grande Bellezza tour and get lost into the wonders of ancient Rome following in the footsteps of Jep Gamberdella.